The Irish National Honey Show - 2012 Schedule

All-Ireland Supreme Honey

Entries in this class shall be the Supreme Honey at FIBKA approved shows from the previous year. Prize card or letter from the respective honey show secretary must accompany entry. (A list of those shows is available from the Show Secretary)

1st Prize: Mary Moynihan Memorial Trophy, Gold Medal and €15
2nd Prize: Silver Medal and €10
3rd Prize: Bronze Medal and €5

Schedule of Open Classes


Class Description

1st; 2nd; 3rd

1 Class 1 - International Class: Twenty four jars of either light, medium, dark, granulated, creamed or ling heather honey in either 340g or 454g (all of one kind).

Taylor Cup and €13; €7; €3

2 Three 454g jars of light coloured honey

Atkins Cup and €7; €4; €3

3 Three 454g jars of medium coloured honey Boyne Valley Trophy and €7; €4; €3
4 Three 454g jars of dark coloured honey The Galtee Skep Trophy and €7; €4; €3
5 Three 454g jars of chunk honey Paxton Cup and €7; €4; €3
6 Three 454g jars of naturally granulated or creamed honey G.V. Poulton Memorial Trophy and €7; €4; €3
7 Three 454g jars of ling heather honey Sean McGrane Memorial Trophy and €7; €4; €3
Prize Money sponsored by Michael G Gleeson
8 Twelve jars of either 340g or 454g of light, medium, dark, granulated, creamed or ling heather honey, all the same, to be shown in jars as offered for sale. All jars to be labelled with the exhibitors own labels. Besides the quality of the honey the attractiveness of the exhibit will be taken into consideration by the judge. Competitors to supply their own display stand. Rule 21 does not apply. Thorne Trophy and €7; €4; €3
9 Twelve jars of either 340g or 454g of light, medium, dark, granulated, creamed or ling heather honey, all of the same, to be shown as offered for sale. All jars to be labelled with the exhibitors own labels. No stand required. Rule 21 does not apply. Maher Cup and €7; €4; €3
Supreme Honey in above 9 classes: First prize: Irish Mist Trophy and €20;
Second Prize: €13;
Third Prize: €7
10 Display Class. Honey; Beeswax or Mead (or both). In addition,decorative material, coloured beeswax and any size or shape jar which is saleable may be used. Quantity of honey to be staged at least 9.1 kg. Size not to exceed 915mm x 1220mm. Rule 21 does not apply. Swinerton Cup and €7; €4; €3

Comb Honey

11 Two sections of floral honey Carroll Cup and €7; €4; €3
12 Two Round sections of floral honey Kehoe Cup and €7; €4; €3
13 One frame of comb honey suitable for extraction (wired) Tweedy Memorial Cup and €7; €4; €3
14 Two containers of ling heather honey €7; €4; €3
15 Two sections of cut comb honey gross weight 200g - 255g Cavan Inlay Perp. Marq. Plaque and €7; €4; €3

Gift Class

16 One section or one 454g jar (may be light, medium, dark, ling heather, granulated or creamed honey), or one container of cut comb honey. Exhibits in this class will be disposed of at the discretion of the Show Committee. Fr. Gahan Cup and €7; €4; €3

Collection of Bee-Products

17 Collection of bee-products consisting of one frame, two 454g jars of light honey; two 454g jars of medium honey; two 454g jars of crystallised honey. Exhibitors may make use of anything which they consider will add to the effectiveness of the display. The Rowan Cup and €7; €4; €3

Novice Class

18 One 454g jar or 1 section: Competitors who have not won a prize in any class at the National Honey Show prior to the year of entry are eligible. Grealy Memorial Trophy and €7; €4; €3

Honey Cakes

19 Honey Fruit Cake made with 200g self raising flour, 175g honey, 110g butter, 175g sultanas, two medium eggs, 110g glace cherries (halved).
1. Preheat oven to 180ºC/Gas Mark 4.
2. Cream butter and honey together
3. Beat eggs well and add them to the creamed mixture alternately with sifted flour then fold in sultanas and cherries. A little milk may be added if necessary.
4. Put into lined 150mm - 175mm buttered circular tin.
5. Bake for 1 hour 30 minutes approx. at 180ºC/Gas Mark 4
Note: Timing and temperatures are included only as guides since ovens vary.
U.B.K.A. President Trophy and €7; €4; €3
20 Honey Cake made with 175g self raising flour, 25g ground almonds and 25g semolina, 100g pure honey, 113g butter or margarine, two eggs and a pinch of salt.
Method: As above
Eddie O'Sullivan Cup and €7; €4; €3

Toffee, Caramel or Sweetmeat

21 Toffee, Caramel, or Sweetmeat. Honey must be included in the recipe. Betty Showler Bon Bon Dish and €7; €4; €3

Biscuits or Cookies

22 6 small biscuits or cookies not in paper cases. Honey must be included in the recipe. €7; €4; €3


23 One bottle of Dry Mead O'Reilly Cup and €7; €4; €3
Prize Money sponsored by Peter O'Reilly
24 One bottle of Sweet Mead Brother Behan Cup and €7; €4; €3

Home Made Wines

25 One bottle of Dry Red Wine €7; €4; €3
26 One bottle of Sweet Red Wine €7; €4; €3
27 One bottle of Dry White Wine €7; €4; €3
28 One bottle of Sweet White Wine €7; €4; €3


29 Three moulded beeswax candles Karl Showler Silver Bowl and €7; €4; €3
30 Three non-moulded beeswax candles Gerry Murphy Trophy and €7; €4; €3
31 Beeswax Polish The Hughes Challenge Cup and €7; €4; €3
32 One beeswax model (colour dye permitted). D. J. Deasy Trophy and €7; €4; €3
33 One cake of beeswax (not less than 20 mm thick and 227g) Finbar Dineen Memorial Trophy and €7; €4; €3
Prize money sponsored by Dody Dinneen
34 Five 27g (1 oz) blocks of beeswax, matching in all respects €7; €4; €3
35 Photographic Class - Colour or Black & White Print (see Rule 22) Kathleen Deasy Cup and €7; €4; €3
36 An illustrated poster on any aspect of beekeeping suitable for use at any public events. Size at least A3. €7; €4; €3
37 Poster exhibit confined to Primary School Students (see Rule 23). No entry fee.
Michael Byrne Cup and €20; €13; €7
38 Poster exhibit confined to Secondary Level Students (see Rule 23) No entry fee.
Lisney and Cuffe Memorial Cup and €20; €13; €7
39 An essay of not more than 1500 words, excluding references. Essays may be published in The Four Seasons and An Beachaire.
"My best memory of taking a swarm"
Essay to reach honey show secretary on or before 12th July 2013
Four Seasons Trophy and €7; €4; €3


40 An interesting or instructive exhibit or new invention relating to beekeeping (not previously awarded a prize at the national honey show). M. Moynihan Cup and €7; €4; €3.
Prize money sponsored in memory of Michael Moynihan
41 Any decorative or artistic exhibit relating to bees or beekeeping including needlecraft €7; €4; €3
Best exhibit in classes 23 to 28 inclusive Dan Deasy Cup and €25
Best section in the show Bro. Evangelist Trophy and €25
Best exhibit in the show Mrs Poulton Cup and €25
Best beeswax exhibit in the show The Fisher Cup and €25
Exhibitor who obtained most points in the show Digges Cup and €25

Confined Classes

(Confined to members of South Tipperary Beekeepers' Association)
42 Three 454g jars of light honey S.T.B.A. Cup and €7; €4; €3
43 Three 454g jars of medium honey S.T.B.A. Silver Tray and €7; €4; €3
44 Two sections of honey Bro. Evangelist Memorial Tray and €7; €4; €3



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