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AFB Outbreak

Dear Beekeepers

We have been notified of a recent outbreak of AFB in the general Athenry area of Galway. It is a timely reminder that beekeepers picking up swarms should quarantine the swarms, put them on fresh undrawn comb and once established they should send samples of Brood comb and 30 bees for testing to the Bee Diagnostic Unit in Carlow.

Contaminating your own stocks with AFB is one of the worst things you can do by bringing that swarm into your own apiary.

Again if a stock dies out take in the boxes, melt down the brood frames and sterilize. Leaving out boxes from dead stocks leads to robbing and spread of the AFB spores which can live for up to 80 years , in honey , frames and in old boxes. Beekeepers need to work smart and stay alert to the disease outbreaks and the risk to other bee stocks as well as their own.

FIBKA Bee Health Officer

Regards, Brendan

Brendan Murray


Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations

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