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Beekeeping Summer School – Gormanston

Beekeeping Summer School – Gormanston

The FIBKA Annual Summer School has been meeting the educational needs of both the seasoned and beginner beekeepers since 1946.

FIBKA Beekeeping Summer School in Gormanston College in 1946
FIBKA Summer School Gormanston 2019

Participants come from not only within the Federation membership, but from all over Ireland, mainland UK while many international visitors have come from far flung parts of the world. And it is safe to say many attendees have been known to make the journey at least for a second time if not multiple times because there is so much knowledge to be gained.

Each year a guest speaker of international renown, heads up the panel of speakers and lecturers in programme which itself is divided into workshops, beginners, intermediate and senior levels. The apiculture subjects presented vary from the scientific to the practical as well as talks on complimentary uses of the products of the hive for health, artistry, cooking, cosmetics and many more….

The Annual National Honey show also take place during the summer school which showcases many classes from a junior art completion, photographic class, crafts, cooking, mead making and the various honey classes, with many winners of the latter going on subsequently to exhibit and often win at the London Honey show.

Participant to the course have the options of attending from individual days up to the full week’s programme on either a non-residential basis or a fully catered residential form. Our evening programme includes such things Nature walk, quiz night, social evening, lectureship exams as well as evening topical talks.

A final important function of the summer school is to facilitate individual members sitting their FIBKA written exams in beekeeping whether it is at a beginner, intermediate, senior or lectureship level.

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