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Dr. Mary Coffey has asked that as many beekeepers as possible complete the COLOSS survey. While beekeepers are notoriously secretive, the reality is that this is a survey on winter losses, and its purpose is to get the most accurate information possible about the health of bees around the world, including Ireland. This information benefits us all, so it’s definitely worthwhile spending a couple of minutes completing the form.

The survey follows the same format as in previous years:

  • It can be completed manually by printing the attached PDF file, or by using the form in this month’s An Beachaire.
  • Alternatively, it can be completed online at

I have attached a letter from Mary explaining the goals of the survey, explaining its importance.

I would appreciate if you could make this information available to your members.

Regards, Brendan

Brendan Murray
Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations

Phone: 041-9826957

COLOSS Questionnaire 2019 (PDF Document)

Letter to Secretaries and Beekeepers from Dr. Mary Coffey (Word Document)