The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations FIBKA


Preparing Honey for Markets and Shows

Honey for Market and Shows

When dealing with this subject it is necessary to outline a few very important facts. Honey is a food and as such must at all stages be handled with due regard to hygiene. The bees present us with a first class product as taken from the hive…


Grave Danger from Bee Imports

One of the main reasons for imposing and maintaining a ban on the importation of bees was the danger of importing Varroa. Since Varroa is now wide spread in the country, it may be argued that there is no further need for maintaining such a ban.


The Formation of The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations

The inaugural meeting was held at the Royal Dublin Society’s rooms, Ballsbridge at 12 noon on April 21 1881. There were thirty persons present.

Imports of Bees into Northern Ireland

Following the discovery of Varroa in Devon in 1992, all imports of bees into Northern Ireland were banned and therefore illegal. Once our varroa-free status was breached in April 2002, the Department of Agriculture


All-Ireland Pollinator Plan

The Plan will only be a success if it leads to a greater abundance and diversity in our pollinators across the landscape. It will mean that we will rely on you more than ever to help us collect that data. We hope that you’ll continue to give so generously…