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The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations clg FIBKA

Educational Platform for Irish Beekeepers (EDIBEE) 2021-2022

Educational Platform for Irish Beekeepers (EDIBEE) 2021-2022 The Discover funding programme run by Science Foundation Ireland supports projects that address one or more of the following objectives:
  • Stimulate engagement and curiosity amongst the general public in STEM
  • Create debate and conversation amongst the public on STEM and their appreciation of its impact on society
  • Use new ways to attract those who would not typically engage with STEM
  • Apply STEM engagement and awareness in innovative ways for the benefit of the public e.g. within youth and community work to support youth and community work outcomes.
  • Inspire curiosity and confidence in the scientific method
  • Provide insights into STEM-related careers and discoveries while breaking down any negative stereotypes Support projects which develop capacity for the delivery of STEM Education and Public Engagement (EPE) in Ireland
FIBKA was one of 49 winners of Science Foundation Ireland’s 2021 Discover awards, giving us the financial support needed to go ahead with our project: Educational Platform for Irish Beekeepers (EDIBEE). The key criteria for the project are that there must be a strong focus on the application of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) and that we ensure gender balance is upheld at all stages of the project. The key objectives of the EDIBEE project are:
  • Increase access to education for beekeepers who may be disadvantaged due to geographical location/social isolation
  • Encourage more beekeepers to engage with the FIBKA exam system and increase the pass rate
  • Have more beekeepers trained in disease recognition and management
  • Increase visibility and encouragement of female beekeepers
  • Encourage engagement of general public with the science of bees and beekeeping
On this basis FIBKA is:
  • Recording a series of educational lecture presentations based on the headings and topics submitted in the grant proposal. These will then be made available to access online.
  • Holding “train the trainers” workshops on good beekeeping practice. To be attended by one or two members from each association nationwide to bring those skills back to their association and train others, in turn.
  • Holding a series of STEM incorporated industry-based workshops. In particular working with Advance Science in Galway and Donegal Bees as industry-based partners.
The project is being driven by multiple working teams responsible for the various activities nationwide and we are proud to be supported by the National University of Ireland Galway and Dundalk Institute of Technology in bringing this project to fruition. The call is out for:
  • Beekeepers, willing to put themselves in front of the camera for apiary demonstrations.
  • Beekeepers to attend the train the trainers workshops and demonstrate those skills at association level afterwards
  • People willing to prepare a written lecture about a specific topic
  • One or two centrally located association apiaries that could be used for the hands on train the trainers workshops
  • People to come forward to help out with the working teams. Ideally you will have internet connectivity for zoom meetings, and be prepared to help co-ordinate demonstrations and workshops. We also need members with experience in multimedia and public relations.
  • Beekeepers who have a genuine interest in bringing this project to people living in remote areas
  • People who can help us integrate STEM into beekeeping practices
Note: We are particularly encouraging women to participate in all areas of the project both to increase the visibility of female beekeepers and provide role models for young women taking up beekeeping. This project will be ongoing throughout 2021-2022 and we encourage all our members to consider participating in this new and innovative project that will be of benefit to all beekeepers. Anyone interested in coming on board at any stage of the project development please email outlining your areas of interest in the project.
Science Foundation Ireland
Dundalk Institute of Technology
National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway)

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