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Bord Bia Bloom
Start Time:   09:00
Start Date:   30 May 2024
End Time:   18:00
End Date:   3 June 2024
Bord Bia Bloom stands as a premier event, celebrating the best in horticulture, food, and beverages, centred around the themes of nature and sustainable living. Initially established to showcase plant life, garden designs, horticulture, and the art of gardening, the inclusion of Bord Bia's food and drink promotion has enriched Bloom's offerings. This evolution has transformed the festival into an engaging and informative occasion that not only promises a delightful experience but also imparts extensive knowledge on gardening, fruit and vegetable cultivation, culinary practices, and cultural insights. Our dedication to enhancing the festival's sustainability is unwavering. Each year, we strive to lessen our environmental footprint, inspire our attendees to adopt sustainable habits during their visit, and offer guidance on sustainable living practices for their everyday lives. We take pride in positioning Bord Bia Bloom as the most sustainably managed major event across Ireland. Our commitment extends to disseminating our sustainability achievements and insights with industry colleagues, with the aim of elevating the eco-friendliness of the Irish events sector. To discover more about our sustainability efforts at Bloom, click here.
Visitor Centre
Phoenix Park

GPS Coordinates:

53.366122, -6.330758
Bord Bia Bloom Garden, Food and Drink Festival