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To Tell or Not to Tell

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Supposition and Observation

In the days before the advent of moveable frame hives, books were written concerning bee behaviour based on supposition, when observation was not possible. Since those times, through constant repetition, some of those concepts have stayed with us and are accepted as correct.

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No Pollen – No Bees

Let’s be honest. Most beekeepers keep bees to obtain a crop of honey, and value their bees on these basics. But Nature however has other

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Clipping and Marking a Queen

Finding the Queen, marking and clipping her, has become an integral part of many beekeepers seasonal tasks. This can, however, pose a problem for beginners, as it does for some of the more seasoned…

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Honey for Markets and Shows

When dealing with this subject it is necessary to outline a few very important facts. Honey is a food and as such must at all stages be handled with due regard to hygiene.

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Beeswax for Show

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Bee Basics

There are many different species of bees but they are split into 2 different categories – Social Insects and Semi-Social Insects…

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I enclose a note from the secretary of Dunamaise Beekeepers. Gerry was well known to many beekeepers across the country…

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