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Free Draw for Members

Free Draw for Members Who Register on this Website

It’s not often you can get something for nothing but it is almost true. All you have to do is register yourself on this website to enter the new weekly draw and have a chance to win €15 and a monthly draw of €50, until the competition/draw ends*.

So how does it work?
Each week from the 1st of April, we will enter all those who register on this website (i.e. in a draw for €15 and at the end of the month there will be an award of a grand prize of €50 with entrants drawn from the website’s registered members also.

All the FIBKA members who have registered on the website are entered into all these draws. So go to the registration page and register yourself and bingo you are in the draw. Don’t forget to also register with the new forum here. (it requires a second separate registration on the forum registration page)

To all the associations if you would like your own news put on the website just email me what you require. Also don’t forget all correspondence from FIBKA secretary  to your secretary is displayed on this website under the FIBKA news section.

If your association has a twitter account, you can follow us here: and we’ll follow you back.

INFO: The forum is also members only and part of the service offered by FIBKA to its members to further improve the value for your membership fees. On the forum you can post questions and answer them if you know the answer, or just read what others are saying. This is particularly useful because it is only open open to FIBKA members, so the general public will not see what you are saying and the posts will remain and be easily looked up again for reference when you need a question answered in the future.

*To register, you must be a member of an association that is affiliated to FIBKA. This draw is not open to the general public.

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