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The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations clg FIBKA

How to Register and Login and See the Members Only Pages

To register on this website as a member of FIBKA clg and have access to the member’s area of this website, go to any public page and click on the Members’ Area button as indicated in the image below at fi1. 1.

Members Registration 1
fig. 1.

This will bring you to the Login page for the member’s area. Then click on green “Register Here” button on this page as in fig. 2. A page with a registration form will load.

Memmbers' registration 2 - login page
fig. 2.

Fill out the registration form as in the example below at fig. 3. Note: that only the items in boxes with an asterisk (*) are required.


When filling in the form you will be asked for a username. This is a name that you invent. You can use a real name or a name that you make up. If the name you use has not been used before, you can use it. If someone else has already used it, you will have to use another one. The username is part of your login procedure. When you want to login you will be asked to fill in two boxes on the login page, 1. the username and 2. your password.


You will be asked for a password. This too is going to be invented by you. But, due to multiple attempts at unauthorized access we have set the requirements for this to Strong.  The box under the two password boxes indicates the strength of your password. When it turns green your password is strong enough. As you can see in the image below, Mary has a password better than strong.

We require Uppercase and lower case, numbers and symbols in your password: This is a good place to get a random password that you can use: Strong Password Generator. Just copy and paste it into your computer’s notebook and you can copy and paste it when you need to log in again. Try to avoid passwords that have characters that can be confused, e.g. the letter O and the number zero or the lower case L and the number one. Dates should not be used.

If you lose your password or forget it, after completing registration, go to the login page and click on “forgot password”. You will then be able to enter your user name or email address and you will receive an email with a link to where you can choose a new password.


You need to enter a valid email address. See the paragraph above.


Your Federation membership number is required and can be found on the An Beachaire envelope above your name and address.

While you are entering your FIBKA number, there will be an error that pops up. This is because the number is checked against your first name as you type and is incorrect until it is complete.

When you have completed the correct number and it matches your name, the error will disappear. If it does not, and you are sure that the information was entered correctly, it is possible that you are not on the current members list or that you did not agree the consent box on the association membership application form. In this case you must contact either the Website Manager Gerry Mac Eoin or the Membership Secretary (emails below).


You will need to agree to the Terms of service before you can proceed. Please read them carefully before you do.

When you are finished with the form, click on the green button marked “Register Now”.

Website Manager:

Membership Secretary:

*You will need to agree to the Terms of service before you can proceed. Please read them carefully before you do. If you do not fill in the required boxes, the form will not work and will give you error warnings.

Membership Registration Page
fig. 3.

You Will Receive an eMail Shortly
With Links to the Presentations
If it does not arrive, please check your spam folder

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