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International Meeting of Young Beekeepers 2020

What is IMYB?

The IMYB is an annual meeting for young people interested in beekeeping. The non-profit event started in 2010 and has grown to become the largest international meeting for young beekeepers worldwide.

It is designed for participants aged from 12 to 18 who compare their knowledge and skills, establish new friendships and discover other countries and cultures during the 4-day event.

10 annual meetings have taken place:

  • 2010 Czech Republic
  • 2011 Austria
  • 2012 Czech Republic
  • 2013 Germany
  • 2014 Poland
  • 2015 Slovakia
  • 2016 Czech Republic
  • 2017 England
  • 2018 France
  • 2019 Slovakia

Around 36 European countries participate as well as teams from other continents.

The meeting itself combines a competition focused on beekeeping and a diverse social and cultural programme during which participants have the opportunity to socialize and make new friends.

The competition involves practical as well as academic disciplines and it tests the knowledge and skills of young participants. The main objective however is to motivate young beekeepers and promote the idea of beekeeping as well as provide them with a social and cultural experience.

IMYB recognizes it is our young peoples’ passion, interest and skill that will help preserve the future of beekeeping and move it forward. For the individual participants, it offers the experience of a lifetime.

IMYB 2020

This year the IMYB will be held in IvančnaGorica, Slovenia, from 6th – 10th July 2020. Slovenia is home to the Carlionan bee and a country where bee-keeping is practically a religion. The organisers are anticipating 40-45 countries taking part.

The team representing Ireland this year has been selected and the participants are (left to right):

Elizabeth Byrne age 14 Balllyhaunis BKA.
Elizabeth is a full-time student who helps her father Tom manage over 30 colonies of bees in a number of apiary locations. She is interested in the practical side of beekeeping and is also advanced in the scientific aspects of beekeeping.

John Phair age 16 Co Offaly BKA
John is a third-generation beekeeper, interested in all aspects of beekeeping, particularly queen-rearing native Irish honeybees.

Kristoffer McKenzie age 14, Armagh and Monaghan BKA
Kristoffer islocated in County Armagh where he has undergone an intensive apprenticeship with his grandfather John and will soon be the leading beekeeper in the Mackenzie household.

All our participants hold their FIBKA Preliminary Examination certificate.

Irish Young Beekeepers

A training day for the event will be held in Tullamore on Sunday 21st June 2020 (weather permitting).

We encourage any young person aged 12-18 who is considering applying for the IMYB in future to come along, meet the team and find out more about the event. We are always looking for candidates to join future teams and this would give you a feel for what the meeting is all about.

Email for more information or to let us know if you’d like to come along on 21st June.

A taste of IMYB 2019!