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Reporting Adverse Reactions to Varroa Medications

Here’s a message from our Eleanor – please share this with your members

Over the past few weeks a number of beekeepers around the country have told
me they are having issues with some of the varroa medications

If you have an issue and have used the medication correctly ( according to
the manufacturers instructions  not what somebody told you or you read on a
website) then there is a format for reporting the issue in a confidential

The place to report it is
https://www.hpra.ie/homepage/about-us/report-an-issue under the veterinary

The medication may have killed a queen , put a 2019 queen off lay ( all
others go off lay naturally at the end of a flow) etc

It is important to record any problems ( its confidential and your
information will not be passed on to anybody) so that HPRA can get a wider
picture of what issues beekeepers and bees have with the current registered
medications. This is vital s when a new product comes on the market that
HPRA will look favorably at it in the future


Eleanor Attridge
FIBKA Bee Health Officer