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World Bee Day 2022 – Children’s Photography Competition Results

World Bee Day 2022 – Children’s Photography Competition Results

“We are delighted to announce the results of the FIBKA Photography Competition for Kids in celebration of World Bee Day 2022.

We’d like to thank all of our entrants for their fantastic efforts. We also wish to extend our gratitude to our judge, Tadhg Nathan ( for lending his time and expertise in making the difficult choice for us.

We would also like to thank our sponsors who donated prizes for the competition. Ben Harden who donated the under 10 prize book, “Melinda’s Bee Hive” and  Donegal Bees who donated the 11 to 16 prize book, “The Book of Bees”.

We hope that you continue to enjoy taking snaps of our amazing little pollinators!

Under 10 years Libby Dillon Emma Cronin
11 to 14 years Ayla Butler Tommy Dillon

The Winning Photos

Under 10 years

Under 10 Winner Libby Dillon
Under 10 Runner Up Emma Cronin

11 to 14 years

11 to 14 Winner Ayla Butler
11-14 Runner Up Tommy Dillon

The images were judged on the following.

Theme – Irish Pollinator

Composition & Focus – Is the image in focus? Camera shake? Is the composition pleasing? How does it draw your attention? Do all parts of the image play a part of the whole?

Lighting – How does the light fall on the subject and on the background? Does the light draw your eye to the right place? Is there depth to the image?

Exposure – Are colours well represented from dark to light? Is the image nicely balanced and not too bright or too dark?

Position – What is the angle / pose of the subject in relation to camera and background? Obviously bees don’t pose – this is about capturing a pleasing angle!

Space – How much space is in the picture? Is the subject to close / too far etc.?

Artistic feel – Photography is not only about technical. Some of the most iconic images of our time are not technically perfect. Artistic feel is equally important.

  • What is the story being told?
  • Is there a deeper meaning?
  • Can I look and see more / see it differently over time? This is a felt experience.

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