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A Beekeeper’s Hives and Research Set-up ‘Vandalised’

An 89-year-old beekeeper, who has been breeding honey bees able to cope with a parasite mite, has had his hives kicked over and sheds destroyed.

Ron Hoskins has spent the past 24 years researching the Varroa Mite, which has killed millions of bees worldwide.

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A disaster for this beekeeper and his team, but is a timely warning for all beekeepers to stay alert, check on your hives often even if you are not doing an inspection and stay in touch with people in the area who may keep a lookout and raise the alarm if there is suspicious activity near or at your apiaries.

This is not a common activity and given the consequences of attacking a beehive, it is surprising that it happens at all, but most parts of Ireland have had at least one similar attack in recent years. Senseless attacks like these are mad easier because apiaries tend to be in secluded spots away from human habitation so that the risk to people is minimised and so that they are hopefully not close to another apiary.