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The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations clg FIBKA

About Us

Who We Are

Founded in 1881 and re-constituted in 1943, The Federation of Irish Beekeepers’ Associations (FIBKA) is Ireland’s largest beekeeping organisation, representing the interests of over 3,000 beekeepers belonging to over 40 local Associations across the island of Ireland. In 2020 FIBKA changed its status to company limited by guarantee (clg) to facilitate future development of the organisation.

What We Do

We provide support and education to beekeepers to encourage efficient and high standards in beekeeping and honey production.

We lobby and advocate on behalf of the Beekeepers of Ireland with Public and State stakeholders and co-operate with public and state authorities in matters affecting bees, beekeeping and beekeepers.

We promote the welfare of bees and beekeepers in Ireland and promote beekeeping generally by encouraging research of apicultural problems, participating in such research, providing educational facilities to beekeepers and the general public through various mediums, and promoting conservation/environmental projects that benefit bees and beekeeping.

We promote and increase public awareness of the importance of bees and beekeeping to the environment.

We engage with Primary and Post Primary Schools to encourage the next generation of beekeepers and entomologists.

We promote the conservation of the native dark bee, Apis mellifera mellifera.

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