The Federation of Irish Beekeepers Associations clg FIBKA


At FIBKA, we believe in the importance of education for beekeepers and aim to develop the knowledge and skills of our members to the highest standard. We offer our members the opportunity to take Examinations for Proficiency in Apiculture at Preliminary, Intermediate and Senior levels, in both written theory and practical examinations. At a higher level, it is also possible to complete an Apprenticeship and Examinations to obtain the Honey Judge Certificate.

Although our yearly Summer School has been cancelled again this year due to Covid-19, we have remained dedicated to educating our members via our Online Lecture Series (click here) featuring some of the most prominent beekeeping experts both in Ireland and worldwide. At a local level, many associations have continued to offer Introductory level courses aimed towards getting you started in beekeeping, and also completing the FIBKA Preliminary Examinations. Some associations offer online workshops for all levels throughout the year. Please contact your local association to enquire about what they may be offering.


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