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International Meeting of Young Beekeepers

What is IMYB?

The IMYB is an annual meeting for young people interested in beekeeping. The non-profit event started in 2010 and has grown to become the largest international meeting for young beekeepers worldwide.

It is designed for participants aged from 12 to 18 who compare their knowledge and skills, establish new friendships and discover other countries and cultures during the 4-day event.

10 annual meetings have taken place:

  • 2010 Czech Republic
  • 2011 Austria
  • 2012 Czech Republic
  • 2013 Germany
  • 2014 Poland
  • 2015 Slovakia
  • 2016 Czech Republic
  • 2017 England
  • 2018 France
  • 2019 Slovakia

Around 36 European countries participate as well as teams from other continents.

The meeting itself combines a competition focused on beekeeping and a diverse social and cultural programme during which participants have the opportunity to socialize and make new friends.

The competition involves practical as well as academic disciplines and it tests the knowledge and skills of young participants. The main objective however is to motivate young beekeepers and promote the idea of beekeeping as well as provide them with a social and cultural experience.

IMYB recognizes it is our young peoples’ passion, interest and skill that will help preserve the future of beekeeping and move it forward. For the individual participants, it offers the experience of a lifetime.
Due to the covid pandemic, the IMYB is on hold until further notice.


IMYB Slovakia 2019

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