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Invasive Species – Information

Making an Asian Hornet Trap

As homemade traps are not specific to the Asian hornet, it is very important that beekeepers monitoring via traps check them regularly and release any native insects or wasps. There are plenty of varieties of traps out there, this one is just recommended by UK’s National Bee Unit.

PDF: http://invasivespeciesireland.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/AH_Trap_Mk2.pdf

Asian Hornet Contingency Plan

Northern Ireland: http://invasivespeciesireland.com/…Contingency-Plan-minus-contacts-details.pdf

Sentinel Apiary Programme 


BBKA Asian Hornet Conference 2021

Peter Kennedy and Sandra Rojas, both researchers on the Atlantic Positive project gave talks. Sandra Rojas would be of particular interest as she is involved with studying the impact of hornets on pollinators and how to mitigate impacts in apiaries.
BBKA conference video: https://www.bbka.org.uk/recording-of-asian-hornet-conference-2021

National Bee Unit Website

Plenty of resources and images of the Asian hornet. There are also PDF’s documenting contingency plans and actions.