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The Pope and the Bee

Bee has been catapulted into the lime light of World Meeting of Families 2018, and the visit of the Pope. The very first event on the main stage in the RDS on Wednesday 22nd, 10am to 11 am will be a short, comedy-drama, called Don’t Buzz Off, featuring Frances O’Brien, Tim Harden and Tomas McNamara. It highlights the current difficulties for bees and how we can better care for them. The script was written by Tim Harden. Expect to find Bee appearing in many different places throughout the meeting, also look out for Nemo the Fish and Erin the Sheep, and you might just be seeing someone who you know! There are rumours, but we simply don’t know yet, that Bee might even get to welcome the Pope himself. Keep your eyes open!

So just how did Bee make it to the opening event of the World Meeting of Families? Well, this is where we need a little bit of history.

In Philadelphia, 2015, Pope Francis announced that he had chosen Dublin as the location for the World Meeting of Families in 2018. Ireland, in return, offered a welcome to the Pope.

Pope Francis interests are not bound within the traditional strict confines of church. Also in 2015, he published an encyclical called Laudato Si (a booklet about the environment and it’s needs) “I wish to address every person living on this planet. […] We need a conversation which includes everyone since the environmental challenge we are undergoing and its human roots, concern and affects us all” (Laudato Si’, 3, 14)

He brought his concerns to the United Nations the same year, which he addressed in a speech about the environment and its rights. He also held night screenings of environmentally pertinent videos on the exterior walls of St. Peter’s church in the Vatican.

One of the themes of World Meeting of Families, 2018 is how we can care for our common home, the earth and it’s environment. The humble bee has become a bit of a mascot for the cause as its demise highlights many different environmental issues -the type of agriculture we practice today, the type of unsustainable produce demanded by the consumer, the need for more wild areas, the need to treat bees for diseases which are relatively new, and, how by caring for one small part of nature, the return for us as humans is huge in terms of pollination and of course, honey.

If the legacy of the Pope’s visit in 2018 is that we have a greater awareness and care for the environment, it would be very welcome. As Beekeepers, we do everything to ensure that Bee doesn’t simply buzz off. With better knowledge, more motivation, more care, together, we can create a better country, a better world.